January 13, 2013


When I owned an independent book store I listened to hours and hours of inspired song.  That is when I fell hard for music.  I noticed the difference a melody could make.  noticed customers unaware rejoicing when certain tunes played.  I noticed employee's moods shift when they heard their favorite instruments.  Most of all I noticed my heart.  I noticed my spirit elevate and peace seemed more real when good music played over my head.  love Fernando Ortega.  His talent moveS me, lifts me, reminds me.  
Click titles to listen to a little worship by Fernando Ortega. 
Let the Words of My Mouth
Oh God, You Are My God
I heard the Voice of Jesus Say


  1. I've noticed this about myself, also. I love Elton John and John Denver. But when I listen to EJ, my mood becomes depressed. When I listen to JD, it is elevated. I wonder if someone else, listening to the same music, would have the opposite reaction.

  2. There is lots of research that would suggest that what we listen to matters. Finding ways that increase our positive affect (emotion) can have all kinds of good consequences. Overtime I will share many. When we think better we feel better. When we feel better we do better. When we do better we think better. I love good science that even makes sense. If you continue to read my blog you will over time become an expert on how to increase your "well being". And yes, there is some subjectivity to what kind of music we find elevates our thoughts, our emotions, our spirits. The good news is we each know what music works for us. Thank you Dan!

  3. Thanks, Kandee, for sharing this uplifting music by Fernando Ortega. Listening to heartfelt gospel music brings peace to my soul.

  4. Me too! Fernando Ortega has been one of my favorites since I owned Latter Day Cottge. We use to sell 3 or 4 of his cds. They are all good. This one, The Shadow of Your Wings, is my favorite.


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