January 23, 2013


Rose colored glasses.  

wear them.  They fit me.  They keep me safe.  Um well.  They keep me happy.  Well.  Happier then pessimists.  Maybe.  How

about motivated?  Yes.  Motivated.  Click for facts.  I am optimistic and pessimistic.  Everyone is.  It can be a choice.  What!  Yes.  My choice.  I can try.  I can give up.  It is up to me. Optimists approach negative events. They feel motivated to solve problems.  Pessimists avoid negative events.  They feel helpless to solve problems.  Approach vs Avoid.  Hmm?  Think deep.  When I feel pessimistic I tend to think bad things ALWAYS happen. The BIG kind of bad.  I tell myself, "Why try?".  It won't work, won't last, won't help, can't be done. It is my fault.  In my mind things will never change.  WHEN am flying high with optimism I think bad things happen, SOMETiMES.  I tell myself, "I can do this".  Things will work out, it will last, it will help, it can be done.  In my mind things will get better.  I am motivated.  I see responsibility.  I can learn.  I want to do different.  Click Learned Optimism.

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