March 18, 2013


Struggle.  When I was really young I learned that chicken's need to struggle out of their own shells to become strong.  To be healthy.  As a little girl I was fascinated by this fact.  Helping could hurt?  Helping a little cute adorable chicken could hurt them.  WikiAnswers says "Do NOT help your chicken out of its shell!!!  It needs to do it by itself!  If you help a chicken out of its shell then it could get sick and even die".  During church I pondered.  I thought about this analogy and could see how my helping is not always helpful.  I like to make things easy and now I am curious.  Is there a chance making things easy hurts?  I saw this clearer.  Differently.  My heart is stirred.  Trusting a chicken can meet the challenges ahead of them is trusting the nature of God and all His goodness.  There is a bigger lesson here.  Heavenly Father is such a divine teacher. 

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