March 13, 2013


Eugene England.  I was given a paper years ago.  It was typed with hand written edits.  Beautifully messy.  I was a newer member in the Church.  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I sometimes felt alone.  I was comfortable talking ideas.  Questioning.  A friend must have sensed and shared.  Eugene England's ideas.  I have treasured this messy marked up paper since 1984.  When I felt alone I would pull it out and know that someone else liked thinking.  Like me.  They were not afraid to seek.  To share.  Until 2005 I thought Eugene was a woman.  I did not know.  Eugene was a BYU professor.  I did not know Eugene was extrodinary.  I did not know Eugene England thought and lived big.  He wrote lots.  I have read his draft many times.  Click HERE to read his masterpeice.  The finished essay.    

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