January 8, 2013


I think.  Some of my favorite thoughts are about THINKING.  P.M. Forni wrote a book about thinking. "The Thinking Life".LOVE what he wrote about thinking. He wrote another book about civility. "Choosing Civility". 25 Rules.  Here is oneForni's ideas are not Ann Landers.  His ideas are bigger and better.  Like Benevolent awareness of others and a willingness to modify one's behavior for the sake of Another. What does Forni thinCivility is?  NICE really does matter.  manners not so much.  I met a super cool Steve in 2012.  He is inspired.  HE is working on a project.  A Civility project.  Cheers!  What I THINK is really GOOD.  Civility can start with ME.  I REaLlY like this Video.

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