March 3, 2013


"The greatest mistake a man can make is 
to be afraid of making one" ©
Tripping on perfection.  Being a perfectionist can be a hazard.  Sorry.  It is true.  When we think about the gospel this feels off.  Maybe counter intuitive.  How could this be.  What about Matt 5:48?  Did you know perfect in this scripture means complete?  Finished.  Fully develped.  Moroni 10:32 says be perfect in Christ.  Here perfect is inviting us to be spriturally reborn.  Moroni explains in His grace we become perfected.  Matters of the heart we know matter.  In 1 Kings 8:61 king Solomon tells his people to have perfect hearts.  Pefect here is easy.  A willing mind.  A heart that seeks Him.  I think of honest.  Search the scriptures.  The word perfect has many meanings.  Being perfect may not be what you think.  Needing to be perfect has been studied.  Perfectionism.  Researched.  It can be hazardious to our health.  Our mental health.  Our emotional health.  
Our spiritual health.
To be continued…….

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