May 3, 2014

Togetherness Project Phoenix 2014

I spoke about happiness to a group of remarkable women. You know the kind? Extraordinary inside and beautiful on the outside. Like really brave. Courageous. They came together to support one another. To share their stories. To lift each other up. Many felt less alone after Saturday.  Less afraid. Less worried about what others think.  I was full of gratitude at the Togetherness Project in Phoenix. Click here to learn more. Opening speaker shared THIS video on empathy. Really great illustration of what empathy is vs sympathy. I love empathetic moments. I love the vulnerability that comes when people connect. I see them and they see me.

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  1. Kande, I was SO excited to attend your class until I had to walk because of circumstances I couldn't quite handle that day. I heard from so many women that your class was incredible and I still have my yellow smiley face. So glad I found your blog so I can get a dose of this "living a happy life" you speak of. :)


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