March 8, 2013


I am on a trip.  I am here on earth.  Temporarily.  This world is not my home.  Heavenly Father gave me a metaphorical suitcase before I left.  He knew what I would need.  He placed many things carefully in my suitcase.  In your suitcase.  Many gifts.  Physical body.  Intelligence.  Experiences.  Trials.  The Holy Ghost.  The ability to learn.  To grow.  To change.  To feel joy.  To know pain.  A Savior.  The Gospel.  There are plenty more.  One of the greatest gifts in our suitcase is Agency.  From God.  To Choose.  Between right and wrong.  Between good and evil.  Our Father knew it was important.  For our learning.  Our growth.  He knew.  To become like Him we needed this gift.  And maybe even more important.  The consequences of having this gift.  
He knew this was one of His greatest gifts.

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