February 10, 2013


Are you curious?  By nature.  Happy people tend to bcurious or is icurious people tend to be happy.  Well.  Science is not sure.  Which comes first.  Does it really matter?  I thought everyone was curious.  Well no.  Not really.  Curiosity can be natural.  A gift.  Curiosity is also something I can aquire.  Yes.  Nurture and develop.  With practice.  I can be curious.  I can be morcurious.  What is curiosity?  Active interest.  Wanting to know.  Know more about something.  Someone.  Hmm.  What curiosity does is open us.  Open us to experience.  To what?  To being open.  Open to discovery.  To joy & delight.  When we are curious we see things differently.  We tend to be in the present.  Present moment.  We are alive.  More engaged.  More capable of making connections.  Experience meaning.  More meaning.  The kind that lasts.  Martin Seligman, PhD and Christ Peterson, PhD are pioneers.  They studied ancient philosophers, religious texts and literature.  They noticed patterns.  They listed and charted and checked and tested.  Rigorous tests.  They determined 24 basic strengths.  Strengths that promote well being.  Increase happiness.  Positive affect.  What?  Positive emotion.  Strengths I can possess.  Strengths you can possess.  Curiosity was in the top 5.  Really?  Yes.  Try.  Practice.  Hmm.  I wonder.  What are the other 23 strengths?

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