January 19, 2013


This is such a great question.  Here is another question.  Do you ever think you know when you really don't know? I like to ponderThis video makes me ponder. Giggle too.

What is the analogy?  When I feel stuck I might be blind.  Blind to the truth?  The answer is often right in front of me but I miss it.  I don't see it.  Why? President Uchtdorf talked on truth last Sunday.  I liked his talk.  Click here to see if you like his talk too. He said, "So often the 'truths' we tell ourselves are merely fragments of the truth, and sometimes they're not really the truth at all".  He shared a parable about 6 blind men who wanted to see an elephant.  Each man took 
a different part of the elephant 
and described what part 
they were holding.  Their individual truths were not the complete truth.  The complete elephant.  When judging others.  My neighbor.  When judging my problems.  When judging the people I love.  When judging my self.  What if I am wrong?  Could I be missing a part of the truth?  "We simply do not know all things-we can't see everything". President Uchtdorf goes on, "As you accept the responsibility to seek after truth with an open mind and a humble heart, you will become more tolerant of others, more open to listen, more prepared to understand…".  It was a wise talk.  It is wise thinking.  He encouraged me to seek the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost can help me see the truth. 

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