May 13, 2013


I was at Deseret Industries in Provo.  Saw this book.  "Gandhi, An Autobiography".  I stopped.  I searched.  Wait!  Gandhi wrote a book about himself?  His life.  I quote Gandhi.  I like him.  I think he is awesome.  Um, Wait.  I know very little about him.  Wait.  Like really, who is he?  I spent $2.00.  I started reading on the road trip home.  Boy, what a treat.  I am getting my money's worth.  Love what I have read so far.  He is candid and honest.  He shares joys and regret.  He repents within the pages.  Many stories have touched me.  I will share a small part of one.  He speaks of a time in his youth.  He stole.  There is a richness in his culture.  Hindu.  Indian.  A connectedness with others.  Collectivistic way.  Community before the  individual.  Chapter 8.  
"Stealing and Atonement".   
  "I was trembling as I handed the confession to my father. He read it through, and pearl-drops trickled down his cheeks, wetting the paper. For a moment he closed his eyes in thought and then tore up the note. He had sat up to read it. He again lay down. I also cried. I could see my father's agony. Those pearl-drops of love cleansed my heart, and washed my sin away.  This sort of sublime forgiveness was not natural to my father. I had thought that he would be angry, say hard things, and strike his forehead. But he was so wonderfully peaceful, and I believe this was due to my clean confession."  Clean confession?  I think of self awareness.  Seeing the truth about ourselves.  Knowing the truth.  Sharing that with others.  Those we love.  Growing.  Progressing.  Reaching.  Toward God.  Click HERE if you want a pdf of this thoughtfully written book. 

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