May 18, 2013

Finding Fun

5K Run Salt Lake City 
I like to find fun.  Find joy in the ordinary.  My daughter and I giggle.  We like to include others.  Especially Amy.  We like to share moments.  At General Conference we decided to share.  We texted Amy this picture.  We found fun.  We giggled. 
April 2013 Conference
Now when wanting to include Amy this is what we do.  A moment of joy found within the simple.
Riding TRAX
Salt Lake Community College
Moving From Provo
Here is a picture with Amy! 
When young I LOVED The Great Gatsby.  Together the 3 of us watched Robert Redford version.  At home.  Fascinating.  Today's way of telling stories on the big screen is different.  Pondering the new version we jumped in the car and went to the big screen.  Interesting to compare 1974 version to 2013.  Thinking about the difference I plan to watch this 1949 version soon.

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