January 30, 2013


This post is sort of about Facebook.  This post is 
Britton Lerty Clair
 kind of about the dad I did not know.  This post wants to be about narrative therapy.  This post is trying to be about truth.  I have recently posted a couple stories.  About my dad.  The dad I never knew.  That was my story.  Since I was 4 years old that has been my story.  How many times do you think I have told that story?  To myself.  To others.  Well.  I realized this morning that I am still telling that story and guess what?  That is kind of, sort of, an old story.  Like old because it is not true.  Anymore.  November 28, 2010 a friend was at my house.  Bev.  On my computer.  On her Facebook.  She showed me a few things.  I was naive to FB.  We searched a few names.  You know.  Old best friends.  People we know.  Then.  I searched my dad's name.  A profile page came up.  Amazed.  No picture but a name.  Britton Clair.  I sent a simple email.  

We slowly shared.  We slowly reached out.  He lives in Denmark.  We emailed about me visiting.  Maybe.  Last year.  We have emailed about him visiting.  Utah.  Arizona.  Maybe.  This year.  Today I know where he lives and have plans to meet him.  Someday.  Maybe.  He slowly has become Britt.  The dad I kind of know.  So why is this post about narrative therapy?  Because I keep telling a story.  A story that has changed.  Narrative theories are based on the idea that people make meaning of their lives through story.  People get stuck in problem-saturated stories.  Stories that they believe signify who they are.  I have held on to a story.  A story that has changed.  Why?  That is a good question.

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