March 14, 2013


It takes courage to talk about pornography.  It takes courage to be honest.  It takes courage to admit when mistakes have been made.  It takes courage to forgive and it takes courage to change.  Sex addiction is messy.  Lots of people get hurt.  Fortunately there is also lots of help available.  I realized pretty soon after purchasing an LDS bookstore that many people carry this secret burden.  I have recently learned about some courageous bloggers.  Sharing their steps toward recovery.  I have been inspired by these pioneers.  I was touched by one this week.  She gave me permission to share her post.

©  "So often along this journey, we feel so alone with this private pain that has been caused by the taboo 4 letter "P" word.  This isolation is in part because, we ourselves, can be so quick to judge others.  I remember back when my husband was in grad school and I was working as a teller in a bank.  One Friday afternoon, while the lobby was full of customers, a woman came in and tried to get money out of her son's account.  She was not listed on the account, so there was nothing I could do to help her.  I called over my manager, who confirmed our legal inability to fulfill her request, but the woman became increasingly frustrated and irate.  She escalated to yelling and swearing at us and finally picked up my metal name plate and flung it at me before she turned and left.  It made me uncomfortable and embarrassed and kind of afraid.  After she left the lobby, the other customers began to buzz with, "How horrible!"  "Are you ok?"  "That was so out of line!  How dare she!"  Finally, a woman half way through the line ended up at my window.  She said something that taught me a lesson I'll never forget.  Even 10-15 years later, I can still feel the emotions I felt when she spoke to me.  She simply said, "I know that woman.  That was very unlike her.  Her son died today and she was just trying to get the money needed for his arrangements."  Even now, I tear up as I write this.  Oh how that sweet mother needed a sign of her own!   I think, as a society, we are often quick to judge other's behavior, thinking we can understand with just the limited view that is shown to us.  How much easier it would be if we all could wear our own signs.  Even now, I tear up as I write this.  Oh how that sweet mother needed a sign of her own!

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