January 22, 2013


I have recently been channeling my 70's attitude.  I keep using terms like "cool", "far out", "dig that", and "really groovy".  Ijr high I would rock out to my clock radio.  The Chicago FM station had contests.  Be caller number?  I called lots.  I won Once.  Free tickets to a concert.  Dobbie Brothers.  My nice hip sister drove me.  My 2 older sisters were hippies.  Really cool hippies.   I drove my

 sisters' yellow VW when they went off to college.  I stuck a rainbow sticker on the back window.  I felt groovy in my bug with a rainbow. In 1975 rainbows were cool.  Thi1970's package sayrainbows "lift our hearts with wonder & awe reminding us of the truth & beauty of our own lives".  
Have a groovy DAY!

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