January 17, 2013


Remembewriting thanyous?  I still doI think it is fun and maybe nice but what I also know is that it is healthy.  Yes, like goofor you kind of healthy.  Dr. Happy, my new nickname for Martin Seligman, studied 411 depressed people and asked them to write a letter of gratitude to someone they had never properly thanked.  You know those people.  We all have one or two.  We love them most.  We think of them when life turns and asks us to think.  AND the cool part is the results was remarkable.  Huge increase in the people's happiness scores and a decrease on the depression scale.  Meaning and purpose increased.  Reaching out became realThinking of others.  Looking for blessings.  Best part?   Benefits lasted.  Pretty cool anREALLY easy. When was the last time you wrote a thank you card?  I decided to write one today.  Click Dr. Seligman to learn how gratitude works. Click CBS to see what writing thank you cards can really doPositive Stuff!

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