April 13, 2013


When I feel overwhelmed with a heavy matter I am often reminded about Bob.  The movie What about Bob?  At one point in the movie Bob's doctor gives him a prescription.  Bob reads the piece of paper, "Take a vacation...from my problems".  Like BobI was given some great advice.  Several years ago I was grieving and found myself minute by minute preoccupied.  The loss felt too big.  My days were swallowed up.  Time had loss meaning.  And then I was given an idea.  A prescription.  A needed intervention.  Pick a time each day and grieve.  Set a timer.  30 minutes.  Maybe an hour.  Then obsess.  Cry.  Fret.  Think about your problem.  Ruminate.  Feel the pain.  Journal if it helps.  Dive in.  Head first.  Then when your time is up.  STOP.  Best news.  It helped.  If I had the urge to start obessing I would remind myself that I had scheduled time the next day.  It felt good.  I was able to look forward to visiting my broken heart while at the same time slowly enjoying and rebuilding a stonger me the other 23 hours of each day.  1 hour not enough?  Then decide your time and set your clock.  Ready set grow.          

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