March 20, 2013


Character.  Think morality, ethics and integrity.  (Morality) beliefs about what is right/wrong + (ethics) conduct based on beliefs + (integrity) faithful attachment to the conduct.  I have been thinking old school.  The concept "7 deadly sins".  Back in the day people talked.  Virtues vs Vices.  Virtues were assests.  Character currency.  Vices thought to be tricky.  Dangerous.  Deficiency in character.  People struggle.  People are conflicted.  Vices lead to human suffering.  For each of the '7 deadly sins' there is an opposite.  A virtue.  I was taught character could minimize the pain of sin.  Virtues being attributes of character.  Vices being equal to sins.  Virtues bring meaning.  Vices bring pleasure.  The hedonistic ouch that really hurt morning after kind.  Vices appeal to the natural man.  Natural woman.  Spiritual and philosophical thinkers think virtues appeal too.  They can be learned and have long term benifits.  Virtuous living is fun.  Rewarding and meaningful.  Easy breezy as it becomes habitual.  Vices die in the face of virtue.  I play with these ideas in my heart.  Building our character is a lifetime job.  I plan on improving, growing, reaching, succeeding during my whole lifetime.  Today and each day anew.

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