January 21, 2013


James Ferrell wrote a book called "Falling to Heaven".  I am a fan of his books.  This one is my favorite.  He talks about "the divine paradox".  He talks about "the false burden of down".  My mind spins with curiousity.  I love books that stir up this kind of thinking.  He points to living in a confessing way and offers "it is to give up the charade of one's innocence--not just with respect to a particular sin but with respect to one's status before God generally".  King Benjamin also leads my heart to living in a confessing way.  "For behold, are we not all beggars?"(Mosiah 4:19).   Both invite a taste of humility to stir within me.  Ferrell invited me to rethink about Lehi's vision.  There were five groups who looked walked reached toward the tree of life.  What was different for this last group?  Group five.  Group four found the tree.  They did reach up and "tasted of the fruit" but then fell away. (1 Nephi 8:28).  They got distracted.  Why?  Ferrell points me to look at what the last group did.  Upon finding the tree they "fell down" while partaking.  Hmm.  Could falling at the tree be the difference?  Could the way I partake of the gospel make a difference? Pondering the difference.  Falling to the Savior begins to look different then following the Savior.  It feels humbly different.

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