March 4, 2014


I am a TobyMac fan. He has some great music. The lyrics. The beat. Spiritually smart.  My daughter, twin grand babies and I went to an outdoor free music in the park type setting to see TobyMac. Felt so good. People rejoiced in the best way. Do you know his music? "Speak Life" is my new favorite. "Loose My Soul" is crazy fun. Listen to the words. I like to run to "Gone". I love what Toby says HERE about his song "Steal My Show"

February 4, 2014


Came across this book. Listened to it on audio. Twice. Author said cool stuff. Why do we lie? Better question. Are there honest consequences?  
Harris took a course. He was changed.
Sam Harris is a big thinker.    
Curious about the lies you tell? Feeling the pain of another's lie? Read this book. Or like me. Listen to it. I learned I want to be honest. Everyday and always.
Click HERE to learn more about Sam Harris.   

October 25, 2013

Showing Gratitude

Click HERE to watch how showing gratitude can increase your happiness.  Wanting to elevate your emotions?  Science of Happiness is changing the mental health model.  Instead of looking at what is wrong with people positive psychology looks at what is right with people.  Want to feel grateful?  Try one of these ideas.

October 16, 2013


Jacy reached out to me a few months ago.  She read my blog.  She had a dream.  She has given me a chance to contribute.  To teach about the Science of Happiness.  This Saturday she is bringing together women.  The Togetherness Project "Get ready for a full day of honest, realistic, and validating discussion that will empower us to rise above our collective challenges, together" (Jacy Boyack).  
Thank you Jacy!

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