February 13, 2013


Relationships are cool.  We need them.  We want them.  When things go right they give us great joy.  When things go wrong relationships can cause us great pain.  To keep our bodies healthy we eat.  We eat many foods.  Different foods.  Variety of foods.  A balanced diet is healthy.  Here is some food.  Food for relationships.  Food to help things go right.  A balance diet of thinking.  Of theories.  A variety of relationship ideas. 
eality.  Objective vs Subjective.  We experience situations.  They feel very real.  They are real.  Kind of.  It is helpful to know.  To understand.  Two people can see the same situation differently.  Think about it.  Objective reality includes things like my couch is blue.  Yes, it is BLUE.  Subjective reality not so easy.  My experience is the couch is cozy.  My husband says no way.  His perspective is the couch is not cozy.  Hmm.  Who is correct?  Or better yet.  Who is right?  Oh boy.  This is when the "I am right" monster shows up.  Do you know him?  I do.  He is blue too. 
mpathy.  Empathy vs Sympathy Both acts of feeling.  Sympathy is good.  I feel for the person.  I am sorry for them.  I have compassion for them.  I do not understand but I care.  Empathy is more.  "What would it be like to be"?  My husband.  My daughter.  My friend.  I sense what they are feeling.  I reach.  I try to understand.  Their feelings are real to me.  Instead of sorry for, I am sorry with.  I clothe myself and for a moment I "get" what they feel.  
To be continued….

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