January 25, 2013


Last year I had a thought.  It was an old thought.  "An apple a day keeps the doctor away".  Could this be true?  This is a common phrase.  Possible Wales proverb.  1866.   People like rhymes.  But I am curious.  Is it true?  What about an orange?  How about a banana a day?  Does fruit keep a doctor away or just apples?  I googled.  "Apples have properties that no other fruits have".  Hmm.  Reading.  "benefits have been proven overtime".  Hmm.  Reading more I learn that I can get these properties individually with other fruits, "but an apple combines everything" making it simpler.  Eating an apple is easier.  It is easy.  It is healthy.  World wide web says:
  • Vitamin C.  Immune system boost.
  • Heart diseases.  Prevents coronary heart & cardiovascular.
  • Low in calories.  70-100 calories.  Reduce sugar craving.
  • Prevents cancers.  Yes plural.  Colon, prostate & breast.
  • Cholesterol.  Reduces bad and increases good.  
  • Tooth decay.  Juice from apples kills up to 80% of bacteria.
  • Brain disease.  Protects brain cells.  Prevents Alzheimer's.
  • Healthier lungs.  Respiratory problems, including asthma. 
  • Taste great.  Natural Food.  Gift from Heavenly Father.
I started eating apples 7 months ago.  I am trying to eat an apple every dayI discovered a new apple.  New to me.   Honeycrisp.   New amazing over the top good.  Delicious.  Developed by the University of Minnesota in 1960.  Released for sale 1991.  I learned about delicious Honeycrisp apples in 2012.  Will eating Honeycrisp apples keep the doctor away?  Maybe.  Maybe yes.

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