January 10, 2013


"To the immature, other people are NOT real".  
In Terry Warner's book he shares lots.  
He shares lots of good stuff.  
The kind of stuff that changed my heart.  
Dr. Warner says that these eight words pierced him.  
He read these words when HE was abou10.  At that 
time he sensed that other people were not real to him.  
"Their feelings and desires 
did not matter to me as much 
as my own; a lot of the time 
they didn't matter to me at all".  
I am trying to think. Me too?  
Could this be true about me too?  Do I see people?  
"I was sensitive enough to be 
disturbed by my insensitivity.  
At that moment, it seemed 
to me supremely important to be 
a person who cared about people." 
Terry teaches.  He is a real thinker.  
"To the immature, other people are NOT real".  
Tonight I am curious how I might be immature? 

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