April 20, 2013

Spiritually Based

Allen Bergin has a "theistic world view".  That is the view a supreme being created the earth and its inhabitants.  Given this lens his theories of personality, human adjustment and therapeutic change I think are super cool.  Here are points worth highlighting.

1.  First.   God exists.  Human beings are the creations of God.  Therefore "there is an unseen spiritual processes by which the link between God and humanity is maintained".

2.  Second.  Spiritual holism.  Human beings have both a spirit body and a physical body and can not be reduced to mere biology.

3.  Third.  Epistemological pluralism.  Which says human beings can learn truth in a variety of ways.  Authority, reason, sensory experience, intuition, inspiration.

4.  Forth.  Divine revelation is the fundamental source of all truth.

5.  Fifth.  God has a plan.  Which includes faith in Christ and obedience to divine laws.

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