March 2, 2013


Flow is something happy people do.  It is another tenet of positive psychology.  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.   He is the guy who noticed flow.  Flow is that mental state when time stops.  Time flies.  We find ourselves immersed.  Energized focus.  We forget everything else.  We feel fully invested in our task.  Some do this naturally.  Regularly.  Others may need to learn.  Time spent invested in flow increases well being.  Promotes positive emotion.  Later.  Not necessarily during.  We challenge ourselves during flow.  We stretch and learn.  We use our skills and flourish.  Flow is focus with contentment.  Think.  Where do I do this?  How can I learn?  Artists flow.  Some athletes.  Many teachers.  Scientist.  Big thinkers flow.  Simple minds too.  Anyone who gets in the zone.  Creativity opens flow.  Thriving.  Doing what we easily love.  That is flow.  Flow is worth seeking.  Moments at a time.  Enjoy being.

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