February 24, 2013


Reframing?  It is simple.  When events feel wrong.  Reframe.  Ponder.  Maybe I could look at this event differently.  There is more then one way.  More then one story.  I reframe. 
 Truth is.  We already have.  We have framed the event.  The frame I use makes a difference.   I can change it.  The frame I use impacts how I feel.  How I respond.  Frames can be positive or negative.  We frame all the time.  It is automatic.  Some stories are simple.  Some stories are not.  It has been compared to placing a picture in a different frame.  This changes the look.  The feel.  Of my story.  The best thing.  It helps us find solutions.  Things can look easier because they are.  Changing how we look changes what we see.

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