January 11, 2013

Oh My

I made a mistake.  Some way, some how, 
with a click of the mouse I removed all the comments 
posted on Finding Freckles.  Blogghelper says 
"Once a comment has been deleted, there is no 
way to recover it".  Bummer.  I want to apologize 
to those who have taken the time to share and 
encourage all who visit to please continue to post 
your thoughts and stories.  It is so fun to hear from you.  
Thank you!


  1. I forgive you. Ha ha! You 've been "born again"!

  2. Thank you Dan. I am not even sure what I did but boy it makes me sad. I was so grateful for the kind comments I had received. Thank you for having the courage to post. (hehehe). I am grateful for your kindness.

  3. Luckily your blog is wonderful and there will be plenty of nice comments to replace the ones lost!


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