January 11, 2013


November 2012 TALK at church. 
I felt inspired as a speaker at church read.  I Loved the ideas in the poem like words.  To me it felt like something I might hear when visiting Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.  Mr. Rogers wanted my little self to think big thoughts.  Mr. Rogers knew I was smart.  Mr. Rogers knew I could do anything.  He talked of the good in His neighborhood. He KNEW my neighborhood could be good too.  Looking back I am grateful for the time I spent with Mr. Rogers.  So I emailed the church speaker and the Kind church speaker emailed me the source of this lovelY poem. 

Click Here to reafull version. Want to learn more about the way Christian D. Larson thought?  Click Here.  "Just Be Glad" by Christian D. Larson.


  1. I remember watching mr Rogers with you when I was a child:) happy memories!

  2. Oh I have so many happy memories with you too! Thank you for stopping by Finding Freckles.


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