February 1, 2013


My world view.  This is how I feel.  About the world.  I love it.  I am glad to be here.  On earth.  Living today.  Right now.  I am grateful.  I understand.  Yes, I know.  There is talk of terribleness.  There are thoughts of terribleness.  I see them.  I hear them.  Well.  Kind of.  Peripheral like.  Fuzzy.  Truth is.  I do not want to listen.  I could.  I have.  Shouting.  Doom.  Gloom.  But I think.  That is what gives me freedom.  I think differently.  I know my thinking matters.  Could there be 2 worlds?  Some don't see mine.  My mom thought like this.  Joy is real.  So is hate.  We get to choose.  Was that the plan and we forget?  Sometimes.  We can choose what we think.  How we feel.  What we do.  Here.  Today.  Now. 


  1. Love this:) I don't like to focus on the doom in the world either. I am grateful I have the freedom to choose what I do, here, and now.

  2. Me too. Thoughts do create. They also influence how we feel. I choose to count the many blessings I see around me and in the world. Agency is a gift and I have found during difficult times I often forget that I can still make the right choice. The good choice. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thought

  3. S.P. Thank you for stopping by Finding Freckles.


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