February 18, 2013


I bought this sign early 2000.  My sense was I needed to stop.  I needed to listen.  I needed to slow down but felt helpless in the effort.  The Spirit whispered to me.  I could not hear but I knew.  I put this sign by my kitchen window.  I had trouble hearing.  I wanted to be reminded.  I was missing something.  I felt the Holy Ghost pulling me.  Prompting me.  Be still.  The Spirit was leading me.  The noise was so loud.  What seemed to be true was not.  I searched.  I was confused but not.  In Sunday's classes I was reminded of the help I received from Heaven.  I was also reminded of the help I continue to receive from Heaven.
Today.  Everyday. 

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  1. "Be still my soul" I love these types of moments. When we need revelation often times we focus too much on what we want instead of being still and listening to what God wants.


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