February 19, 2013


I use to work at Deseret Book.  It was so much fun.  It was almost as much fun as working at Latter Day Cottage.  Almost.  I love books.  I love people looking for books.  "The Miracle of Forgiveness" is an interesting book. The title is amazing.  The author is one of my favorite.  Spencer W. Kimball.  He was President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when I was baptized.  I was 18 years 11 months old.  "The Miracle of Forgiveness" was a book I read.  Missionaries suggested it.  Or maybe my first Bishop.  Not sure.  It is an interesting book.  Oh I already said that.  But it is.  I have noticed that for some it is an uplifting change the heart kind of book.  For others.  Not so much.  When I worked at Deseret Book people came in looking for this book.  Lots of people.  A Bishop or Stake President suggested.  Lots of young men.  Old men.  Women too.  I sometimes would worry.  "The guilty taketh the truth to be hard, for it cutteth them to the very center".  (1Nephi 16:2).   Guilt is a good thing.  It encourages change.  It helps us stay connected.  Guilt can lead us to truth.  This is true.  Shame not so much.  It is not a friend to change.  It encourages isolation.  Feelings of helplessness.  I have heard reading the last chapter first can help.  One of my buddies at Deseret Book shared something with me.  He read President Monson's biography.  "To The Resue".  We both worried for our young customers.  We wanted them to feel love.  To feel hope.  To feel the miracle of forgiveness Elder Kimball spoke of in his book.  This is what my tall kind Deseret Book buddy found.  Words written by Heidi S. Swinton.

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