March 4, 2013


Perfectionism is paradoxical.  Perfectionist I thought were perfect.  What could be the problem?  Here are a few things.  1.Perfectionist can be all or nothing.  Good or bad thinking.  "If I can't do it right then I won't do it at all".  2.Perfectionist can be defensive.  Criticism may expose flaws.  Catastrophic if another assualts their self-worth.  3.Perfectionist fear failure.  Shrink from challenges.  Focused on the empty part of the glass.  Paralyzed.  4.Rigid.  Straight line to success.  Spontaneity too risky.  Playfulness unacceptable.  5.Perfectionist tend to judge self and others.  Harshly.  Errors are avoidable.  Harshness is a perfectionist form of taking responsiblity.  6.  Looking good is important.  Perfectionist like to be seen as perfect.  Obstacle to enJOYment.  Pressure.  What others think matters.  7.Consequences.  Low self-esteem.  Depression.  Aniexity.  Addiction.  Eating-disorders.  Sexual dysfunction. Chronic fatigue.  Social phobia.  Paralyzing procrastination.  
Being perfect is super tricky.  Being perfect is never good enough.  It hurts.  I am curious.  This sounds a bunch like pride.  I am not sure.  Just pondering. 
Great book.  "The Pursuit of Perfect" by Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D.  Click here to learn from the author.  Click here for a silly kind of dated first 3 minutes worth watching video.

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