March 9, 2013


I started running last year.  August 2012.  Kelly encouraged me.  She went before me.  Trying.  Succeeding.  I started slow.  1 minute run.  3 minutes walk.  Maybe 8 times.  Then 10.  Each week I did better.  I felt better.  This is a picture of Kelly and I at the completion of our 5K training.  We got lots of help from Fleet Feet.  In Tucson.  Pete and Jeanne.  Jeanne sends the best emails.  They make me know I can.  I want to.  I ran a 10K today.  My second 10K.  I train with Sheri.  She is super supportive.  She makes a difference in my week.  Running together.  She ran today's 10K too.  My first 5K September 15,  2012.  With Kelly.  Interval running.  My first 10K January 26, 2013 with Sheri and my brother.  I like running.  Interval running.  I feel happy.  I am grateful.  I know I am healthy.  Healthier.  Before trying I could not run.   Now I run and I think it is super duper fun.
My Brother and Sheri


  1. That is such a cute picture of you and Kelly! I too and continuing to try and run! You are my motivation! I love you!

    1. I sure wish we lived closer. Thank you for sharing your comments. I love seeing your words. I miss you lots.


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