February 14, 2013


Last month we had a missionary farewell.  It was one of those sister missionaries.  You know.  The remarkable kind.  The type who know.  Who know who they are.  Who know Heavenly Father loves His children.  I was touched by her talk.  It was on love.  She said yes when I asked if I could share.  She is a teacher.  She asked her students a question. 

Written by her student.  A 10-year boy.  He has been challenged.  She loved his profound honest view of love.  I do too.  She told us that "What is love?" was the most searched phrase on Google last year.  This super Sister shared a quote from President Hinckley.  He spoke at BYU on Valentine's Day.  1978.  "When I was a little boy, we traded paper hearts at school, and at night we dropped them at the doors of our friends, stamping on the porch and then running in the dark to hide.  Almost without exception these valentines had printed on their face the words, "I love you".  I have since come to know that love is more than a paper heart.  It is the very essence of life".
What does love mean to you?  

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