January 5, 2013

Love Quote

I LOVE this quote.  I love many quotes by William James. I am grateful to people who have lived to make a difference.  Mister Rogers believed William James. Years ago I came across this cool video.  Mister Rogers believed making a difference mattered.  James Allen wrote a BOOK that made a difference to ME! "As a Man Thinketh"  I LOVE the way James Allen thinks. This Christmas I was able to witness President Jimmy Carter teach a Spirit filled Sunday school lesson at his local Church in Plains, GA.  Jimmy Carter continues to LIVE as if what he does makes a difference.  I like LIFE better when I believe I can make a difference.  A 14-year old boy, McKay Hatch, thought what he did made a difference and IT DID!  I am really grateful for another 14-year old boy that knew this quote was True. Joseph Smith BELIEVED. In 2013 I want to make difference therefore "I will act as if what I do makes a difference". (James, 1890)   LOOK for links

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